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vendredi 31 décembre 2010

Happy New Year !!!

I finally found some courage to make a greeting card for my blog. That's weird, because I didn't plan making any greeting cards, and I usually don't....
But this year, I ended up making 4 different ones... One for my friends, one for my boyfriend's co-workers, and this one for you, little perverts...

I wish you all the best ! Thanks for all your support ! Have fun ! I love you all (and I'm not drunk) !

mardi 19 octobre 2010

Vindictus US Open Beta

As you may already know, when I got time, I play Vindictus, the latest online game from Nexon. I used to play the korean version, but it was frustrating as I had no clues about what the story were about. This game is really addictive, and to be able to buy underwears is a nice addition to the game :)

This game is an instance base action RPG, and play a little bit like Demon's Souls (best PS3 RPG), and Monster Hunter. Player skill plays an important part in the character progression, as the combat system is real time. The player has to learn how to dodge, block and launch powerful combos. The skill training is very similar to Mabinogi (an open world MMORPG), player has to pick a skill to train, and spend AP to level up this skill. Player cannot train several skill at the same time, so he has to choose very carefully what skill is the best to learn at a given time.

AP can be obtain when clearing dungeons. Dungeons (or Battles) are the core of the game. In these Battles, player can do quest and harvest materials (killing monsters, or using mine bomb on special rocks). Material are used to craft armor, weapons, potions. Crafting is vital. Most of the items must be crafted, and can not be purchased from NPCs.

This leads to the Marketplace, the feature you'll probably use the most. The Marketplace allows you to sell your items, or buy them. The interesting part is that if you don't want to farm over and over again a Battle to obtain a rare quest item, you can buy it there. Quest (Story) system is interesting too. Doing quest is really important too, they are mostly quite hard to achieve, but they are very rewarding. Stories give you Gold and Xp, of course, but they give you also : "Titles". Titles are small text that can be displayed in your char name to show off. But in Vindictus, Titles give you permanent statistic bonuses.

At the moment only 2 characters are available (Korean version will soon have 4) : Lann a warrior who can uses 2 weapon at the same time (damage dealer), and Fiona, a warrior who uses a shield and a sword (tank), and who has the ability to block attacks.

Graphic-wise, Vindictus is gorgeous. Art direction is one of the best at the moment. It may not be the most technically advanced game, but it doesn't need a very big comp and the Source Engine delivers. The characters are beautiful (specially the faces), shaders are used very thoughtfully. The UI is smartly done and not too invasive. Sounds are great and add a great violent feel to the fights.

They are so many things to talk about this game. I can only recommend you to try it.
If you want to play with me just add me to your friendlist ingame (Silencio, west server).

I was planning to make a real (drawn by hands) Vindictus fan art, but I din't have the time.
But I found a very interesting tool : 3D Ripper DX, which works like FRAPS but in 3D. This tool can grab DirectX informations, as meshes, textures, shaders, when a DX9 app is running. So basically, with it, you can, import almost any game models into some 3D packages like 3DS MAX. That's what I did with Vindictus.
So I had fun exploring how the models where made, and building a 3ds Max scenes with ripped Vindictus assets. I played a little bit with Mental Ray, and tried to make a sexy rendering of Lann one of the playable character. Hair have been added in Photoshop, I couldn't find the hair meshes and textures that haven't been imported properly into 3DS. And I slightly corrected the neck and the underwear of the character. Everything else come from the game.
As soon I got time, I will definitely make a real 2D illustration.


vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Mr Fraser 's Blog !!!

Expect some very naughty thing in it. Certainly NSFW.But it's nice to have a glimpse on the creative mind of Mr Fraser well known for his very entertaining scripts for Class Comics...

It's an order...

BTW, I don't have much time to post anything new...
Maybe the end of next week... I'm currently working on some gig for a game company. I won't last very long as it's a comic commission for an IPAD release...
I'll post some stuff about that soon.

Take care !

lundi 13 septembre 2010


I just visited his website. And I'm really fond of this guy work, it's a shame there's not a lot more.
But the few artworks exposed there, are just simply beautiful, IMHO. It's quite disturbing. It's Egon Schiele but in a more Pop Art way.
If there was a second season for Work of Art : Next Great Artist (BTW, congratulations for Abdi), Jose should definitely consider to be one of the contestant. Oh, and Jose is cute.


jeudi 2 septembre 2010

Dead Rising 2...Combo Card !!!

It looks like Chuck Greene found a new one... The Double Dildo ! I'm not sure if it's a very efficient weapon. But it looks fun. Yeah, you already guess, I played Dead Rising 2 : Case Zero, and I really really enjoy it, despite the lack of nice underwear in it...

mardi 29 juin 2010

Dungeon Guard - Original Sketch : Gaven, The Dragon Tamer.

I just finished a sketch for a very nice guy who purchased a Deluxe Pack. He chose Gaven The Dragon Tamer for his original sketch. The pencils were made on paper, and colors on Photoshop. I hope he'll like it.

Colored sketch.

Original sketch.

And here is some pics of the poster. I'm very happy with the result. This poster version is laminated with a thin  grainy mat film, very classy. I wish I could keep it for myself... :)

vendredi 25 juin 2010


Dokkun First issue is finally
available for purchase !!!
Get yours here !!

COLEEEEEERE !!!! Alan Wake, j'aurai ta peau !

Ouaip, super vénère que je suis là. Vraiment. Y'a d'la haine! 

Premièrement : Ma Xbox360 a rendu l'âme en jouant à Alan Wake. Du coup, doublement en colère. Parce que ouaip, la loose quoi, perdre sa console en jouant à un jeu(?) de merde... J'aurai du le sentir venir, tant de médiocrité, elle n'a pas supporté. Pourtant elle avait bien encaissé "Clash of the Titans". Du coup pour me défouler, voici mes impressions sur Alan Wake.
taux de colère :10/10

N'ayant rien sous la dent après avoir fini le monumental Red Dead Redemption, j'ai vraiiiment essayé de finir Alan Wake.. mais bon, entre fou rires (ralentis et bullet-times hors-propos), agacements (clins d'oeils appuyés,plagiats,clichés) , crispations (répliques dignes d'un Marc Dorcel faisant dans la parodie fantastique), ennui (levels construits tous sur un même modèle, aucun renouvellement de gameplay), accablement (les "previously", au cas où le joueur aurait une mémoire de poisson rouge et un QI d'huître, et qu'il n'en aurait pas saisi les enjeux inintéressants qu'on lui a rabâchés, surlignés pendant tout l'épisode).  Je n'ai pas pu tenir au delà de l'épisode 3. Conclusion :
Alan Wake est très largement sur-estimé, n'apporte rien en termes d'écriture : Pas une seule idée originale, on frise la compil' de la culture fantastique. Les citations font ici plus figures, dans le meilleure des cas, à des hommages maladroits (car peu subtils), dans le pire, des plagiats purs et simples. Et on passera sur le manque de variété niveau gameplay, sur sa structure basique et paresseuse, ses personnages peu charismatiques ou attachants...etc... Il a cependant le mérite d'apporter de nombreuses thématiques littéraires ou cinématographiques au jeu vidéo. Mais c'est n'est pas parce qu'elles y sont rares, qu'elles doivent être traitées par dessus la jambes. Red Dead Redemption en est le contre-exemple parfait. Surtout parce qu'il met très clairement en avant la "vision" de ses créateur sur l'histoire des US (une nation engendre ses propres monstres et s'en nourrit). C'est ce qui manque cruellement à Alan Wake, et qui l'empêche de dépasser le stade du simple "train fantôme": un point de vu. De ce fait, Alan Wake ne retient de ses influences que les gimmicks les plus superficiels, et vide de tout sens les thèmes qu'il essaie vainement de s'approprier. STOP aux jeux à ambitions pseudo-narratives développés par des développeurs à la mentalité de beaufs' puceaux !!!! (à noté, qu'on peut dire à peu prêts la même chose d'Heavy Rain)
Voilà, ça c'est fait...

Deuxièmement: Putain de bugs à la con impossible à dépêtrer sur DG et 5ive. Je swap entre les deux de temps en temps, histoire de prendre du recul. Mais rien y fait. Je commence à soupçonner un bug de DarkBasic Pro, parce que c'est plus simple de renvoyer la faute à l'outil plutôt qu'à son utilisateur. Donc, Raaaaage et frustration.
taux de colère : 8/10

putain d'interfaces qui meeerdent (ça se voit pas là, mais ça merde) 

Troisièmement: Trop de trucs à faire, pas de motivations. Et je commence à penser que mon cerveaux et loin d'être aussi multi-tâche que je le pensais. Beaucoup trop de trucs en stand-by. Va falloir que je lâche du lest.
taux de colère : 11/10

Dernièrement : ya rien à la téloche.

Heureusement, malgré tout ce marasme, un rayon de lumière est venu éclairer ma morosité : Les exemplaires de Dokkuns sont arrivés à destination. Et ils ont l'air beaux. J'ai hâte d'en tenir un entre mes mains.

mardi 22 juin 2010

Dungeon Guards - Game ?

No illustrations for this blog update this time. But a small test made recently. I try to make a DG games, inspired by some famous "dungeon crawlers" like the Dungeon Master series, or more recently Dinosaurs (a Falcom game). I almost finish the exploration part. Next, I'll add triggers and areas loading.
I'll post a very early build very soon, so you can test it...

lundi 14 juin 2010

Dungeon Guards - Big poster

DOOOONE ! I'm relieved... Ok now, it's time to work for ***bip***. No, I can't tell yet.
Anyway, here is the final version of the poster .All the characters will be available as separate posters too. And to celebrate the 20000 visits on my blog (since I installed Google analytics on May), I also added a 3D version.
-EDIT- : Posters are available for purchase. Follow the "DG Shop" big button on the right. All the details are there. Don't hesitate to contact for further informations and feedback. Thanks !

3D version :

Dungeon Guards - Torbel

The nightmare is over. Poster is finally done. Here is the last character : Torbel, the Holly Knight, maybe the most popular and the one the first DG character I created (loooong time ago). We can see him the DG short story. I'll post the complete illustration very soon. I have to test some stuff before to make it available for purchase. I found a poster printing company, but I'm not sure if they will agree to print nude males.

En joy !

samedi 12 juin 2010

Dungeon Guards - Gaven, the Dragon Tamer.

OOOOOH, sorry. It took me quite some time to finished this. First, because, I decided to chill out a little, before starting working on big and serious stuff. So I apologize to my employers for the delay. I'll start your gigs very soon, like, monday. I really had to finish this. I still have one character to make, but that will take much less time.
So here is Gaven and his tamed Dragon. Don't expect to see this dragon in any DG comics, because I had the very bad idea to "over-design" it, and I don't see myself drawing it in every single pannels. Oh yes, indeed, I will make another DG comic for Dokkun. (but not right now). I really enjoy drawing dragons, even it's a little too "cliché". This one was a lot of fun to draw.
This illustration is quite big, so I decided to show you more detailed part of the picture.
Hope you'll like it...

jeudi 3 juin 2010

Japan Expo is just a bunch of homophobic otakus.

I'm just totally chocked and  upset. Japan Expo asked Fabrissou to change his poster because "some people" complained about it... "Japan Expo has to be a mainstream convention for all the family and stuff...blahblahblah""

Well, then, how can they justified "prestigious" guests appearances such as "Katsumi" or "Nana Umi".

Nana Umi - Japan Expo 2009

Katsumi - Japan Expo 2009

Since when porn actresses represents familial mainstream entertainment ??? I've got a feeling that Japan Expo would be less inclined to invite fabulous gay porn actor such as Jack Radcliffe or Blake Harper... So let's face it : Dear Japan Expo, could you be at least honest enough to admit that you were just complaining about the poster because of  a bunch of homophobic hypocrites ? Could you have enough respect to tell Fabrissou the truth ?

To the people who complained about the amazing poster : "Go fuck yourself (apparently you need it), and let Fabrissou enjoy the convention"

I'm sooooo pissed off.

mardi 1 juin 2010

Dungeon Guards - Nihil

Another DG character. This one took longer to be made. Don't ask me why. I have no clue. Anyway, it's done. Hope you'll like it. Nihil is a revised version of the Dark Elf archer I made a long time ago. He doesn't have long ears, like traditional elves, because he is part of a warrior cast who cut their ears, to avoid any ears injuries and infections. Only elves using magic keep their ears uncut, because most of their power lies in them. So here it is :

mercredi 26 mai 2010

Dungeon Guards : Prologue.

Available soon in the wonderful Dokkun Fanzine, if everything's all right.
I'm too lazy to post a preview of every single page. I could have done that, because there's only 7, but I decided to make a small teaser made of different panels, instead.
Dokkun will be at the Paris Japan Expo, July, the 1st. I will probably be there too, to cheer up Fabrissou and the team. The fanzine will be available for online purchase after the end of the convention.

mercredi 19 mai 2010

MFTG! - un essai de truc pas forcément convaincant.

Tout est dit dans le titre. Désolé pour les anglophones, il va falloir user de google translate... Parce que, il faut bien le dire, après avoir consulter ma page google analytics, je me suis bien rendu compte que les "frenchies" ne se bousculaient pas vraiment aux portes, pourtant très ouvertes (comme mon... euh... non, rien.), de mon blog. Donc, en toute logique, j'ai décidé d'ajouter un peu de contenu exclusivement francophone pour les attirer de nouveaux. Oui, je sais, il ne suffit pas de mettre tout en français, pour rendre le site "french friendly". Il faut aussi des trucs super interessants. Bah, ça sera pas pour cette fois. Donc, voici le premier episode assez fou, assez dingue, assez incroyable, assez trépidant, de mon strip blog. Voilà, j'espère que vous apprécierez.

Non, vraiment, ne me remerciez pas... Il n'y a VRAIMENT pas de quoi... uh, uh, uh.

mardi 18 mai 2010

Red Dead Redemption - Fan Art.

I'm completely obsessed by this game... I even dream about it. I didn't feel such thing for a game since... Resident Evil 4. This is the kind of game which will hypnotize you and make your soul its own. Demon's Souls was a little bit like that, but its difficulty made the process much more painful. Red Dead Redemption is immersive and pleasant to play, you won't want to leave it. This is quite dangerous, but fortunately it only lasts 20h.

So I made a quick fan art of John Marston. I think my version is not very accurate, but well, I hope you'll see few resemblances  with the original one. The real one is not very handsome, but he's very charismatic, and it is something quite difficult to put into an illustration. And yes : I don't know how to draw fire weapons...

vendredi 7 mai 2010

Dungeon Guards - Big illustration - Xandros

Today, I finished both coloring Xandros, and the background. I was considering adding another character in background (The Incubus), but it makes the composition unbalanced and awkward. So I changed my mind and keep the whole composition as is. I plan to distribute the illustration as a set of posters, so you will be able to choose your favorite character, or to pick the whole characters in a single (big) one.I will also make a very special version (like a super mega hyper deluxe limited collector edition), but it's a surprise. More details and more characters to come !

Xandros stand alone poster :

Xandros, "panoramic" stand alone poster (just to show the background better) - you can use it as a wallpaper if you want :)

A working in progress version to show where Xandros will be in the "ensemble" illustration :

mardi 4 mai 2010

Ca va piquer.

Another Dungeon Guards (Prologue)  page.
Here is the translation:

-Shhh! Your god has left this place since a long time ago...
-Holy Knights are so stiff... Relax...
-If you don't, it's going to hurt.
-Interesting. This is making you very wet
-I'm sure you're going to enjoy this.
-One last step.
-The best is yet to come.

And no... I won't post the uncensored version. You'll have to buy the Dokkun fanzine. I know, I'm evil. mwhahahaha.

jeudi 29 avril 2010

Dungeon Guards - Still a mess !

Yup, still very very messy, especially without the colors. But hardest is finished, finally. So line work is over. Feew ! It was quite complicated because I wanted to be able to separate each character into their own illustration. There will a very big one with all the Dungeon Guards, and one for each member of the DG army.
Their are still background elements missing, but that will be added directly in the color process...

Xandros - Rogue

Toveyel - Druid

Nihil - Dark Elf Archer

Krakkorn - Warrior

Gaven - Dragon Tamer

Torbel - Holy Knight

and finally the Dungeon Guards, alltogether :

This picture is 2048*1024. It may looks big, but actually, compared to the full resolution picture, some details have disappeared and the picture is far less sharp. (Picture posted is 5 times smaller than the full res. one)